Giving ALL Board Members A Voice

Across the country, school boards are finding the very idea of locally controlled, public education is under attack. As the National Association of School Boards says, the very future of public education depends on local school boards becoming  “more visible, influential and effective advocates.”

Unfortunately, the voice of Vermont school boards are often absent or badly distorted. Organizations originally designed to advocate on behalf of Vermont schools have become either special interest groups with conflicting agendas or professional service organizations more interested in selling products to schools than advocating on their behalf.

As one board member recently said, “We need an Alliance of School Board Members that advocates for the views of its members without distracting conflicts of interest or competing agendas. It must celebrate school board members for what they are- important educational resources and examples of local democracy in action.  The Alliance will celebrate the diversity of our area schools and their choices when it comes to issues of policy and governance.”

The Alliance of Vermont School Board Members proposes to help give voice to Vermont school boards by: