Readers ask: How To Run My 1979 Vermont Castings Resolute Wood Stove?

How do you start a fire in a wood stove?

How to build a fire: top-down

  1. Set larger logs on the floor of your wood stove firebox.
  2. Set a 2nd layer of medium logs atop the larger logs in a crisscross fashion.
  3. Place a third layer of small logs atop the medium logs in a crisscross fashion.
  4. Set fine kindling on top of small logs.

How long does a Vermont Castings wood stove last?

Cast Iron Wood Stove Durability Whereas HVAC units generally have a lifespan of anywhere between 15 and 25 years, a quality cast iron wood stove will be a one-time investment that will last a lifetime. Not only are these heating units extremely durable, but maintenance is simple.

How much does a Vermont Casting Resolute stove weigh?

425 lbs. (192 kg.)

Can a wood stove get too hot?

What Happens If A Wood Stove Gets Too Hot? A wood burning stove that is too hot can cause metal components to become permanently damaged through warping, weakening or cracking.

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Are wood stoves bad for your health?

Wood-Burning Emissions Threaten Lung Health Emissions from wood smoke, discussed below, can cause coughing, wheezing, asthma attacks, heart attacks, lung cancer, and premature death, among other health effects. Many of these pollutants can worsen air quality indoors and outdoors.

How many years do wood stoves last?

The average life of a wood-burning stove is 10 to 20 years.

How much does a Vermont Castings Intrepid II weigh?

Efficiency Rating: 77.9% EPA Emissions Rating: 1.0 grams/ hr. Height: 24″; Width: 21.25″; Depth: 22.5″(overall); Weight: 225 lbs.; Flue: 6″ round. This stove features convenient top or front loading, cast iron construction, and a simple door with an expansive viewing area.

How much does a Vermont Castings wood stove weight?

Weight 485 lbs. Unit Depth 21 1/2 in. Unit Height 28 1/2 in. Unit Width 31 in.

How much does a Vermont Castings Defiant wood stove weigh?

475 lbs. (215 kg.)

Should I put a damper in my stove pipe?

A damper can be installed within the stove pipe to help balance out the airflow through the stove. Closing down the damper during a fire to reduce the flow of air leaving the firebox can help to mitigate any excess air coming into the stove.

How do I get the most heat out of my wood stove?

To get the most heat from your stove, try burning hardwoods such as ash, hawthorn or yew. The only downside is that as they are denser, they take longer to season than softwoods, often making them more expensive. If it works out better for you, you can buy a large quantity of ‘wet’ logs and season your own firewood.

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Why does smoke come out the front of my wood stove?

Your wood stove relies on suction, called draft or draught, from the chimney to draw the smoke up out of your wood stove and out of your house. There are a few items that can cause bad draft in wood burning stoves: a cold chimney, wind induced down draft, or even a clogged or obstructed chimney.

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