What Is The New Regulations For Inspections In Vermont?

Is there a grace period for car inspection in VT?

Customers can take vehicles in for inspection up to two months before the inspection is due. Customers need to work with their mechanic/dealer to get vehicle repaired as soon as possible.

Are Vermont vehicle inspections extended?

MONTPELIER – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vermont Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has been instructed to extend motor vehicle inspections due in April another 60 days and has launched a program for renewing licenses online.

Do cars need to be inspected in Vermont?

All motor vehicles registered in Vermont must be inspected once each year at state approved inspection stations. Any newly registered vehicle not currently inspected in Vermont, must be inspected within 15 days of registration.

What color is VT 2021 sticker?

The color of your cars VT inspection sticker is for a quick check at a distance as to what year it will be due. Right now stickers are green going to yellow. Green expires 2020, Yellow in 2021. Colors change every year to a color that is easy to tell the difference from the previous year.

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What is the fine for no inspection in VT?

Inspections are necessary to insure the safe operation of motor vehicles on public highways in Vermont. A violation for an expired inspection sticker is $105 and no points.

How long do Vermont car inspections take?

The entire OBD check typically takes less than 5 minutes. Why is the OBD check needed? Motor vehicles are the largest source of toxic and ozone-forming air pollutants in Vermont.

Will a cracked windshield pass inspection in VT?

Vermont laws for cracks, chips and discoloration in the windshield are: Any cracks, chips or other defects that interfere with the driver’s view of the roadway are not permitted. Windshields with three or more bulls eye or star breaks greater than two inches in diameter are not permitted.

What is a repair waiver?

The repair cost waiver will allow you to renew your registration without a smog certificate, giving you additional time to complete necessary smog repairs, up to two years, until the DMV requires the vehicle’s next biennial smog check.

How much does a Vermont vehicle inspection cost?

​​VIP’s Certified Automotive Professionals will perform your Vermont State Inspection 7 days a week. The cost is $35 per vehicle per year.

What is needed for Vermont car inspection?

Brakes and exhaust must be in good shape. Front windows and all external lights must work. There must be no dash light (like a check engine light) The tires must have good tread and the suspension elements must be functioning properly.

Does the Vermont title loophole still work?

How long will this work for? The Vermont DMV is still currently offering this for residents of all 50 states. They have indicated that in 2021 or 2022, they may restrict the process to Vermont residents only, so if you have a vehicle that qualifies, it is better to get it done sooner.

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Can you get an inspection sticker with a check engine light on?

The status (ON/OFF) of the vehicle’s check engine light is the most important part of the test. If your check engine light stays on your vehicle will not pass the inspection.

What color are the 2022 tags?

Green (2021-2022)

What color is the sticker for 2022?

Beginning with model year 2022, no new Red Sticker vehicles will be sold in California. All model year 2022 and later OHRV must either meet applicable emissions standards or must be race vehicles used exclusively for competition off of a public highway.

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