Who We Are

The Alliance of School Board members is a new organization being developed to ensure that the voices of all Vermont School Board members are heard on matters affecting the state’s public schools and the communities that support them and entrust them with their children.

We come from every corner of the state. We represesent the spectrum of school governance sytems. We represent a wide diversity of views on many issues. However,  we are united in the belief that the more than 1,000 democratically elected school board members know more about the state of Vermont schools, their strengths and their needs and than any other community in the state.

Our mission is to make sure the voice of school board members are heard, clearly and unfiltered.


A Community In Development

The Alliance is a new organization in the process of reaching out to individual school boards and board members from across the state.

If you are on a school in the State of Vermont. This is your Alliance. We need you. We want hear from you. We want you to help us create and sustain an alliance that advocates for the work you do and the schools and communities you serve. Take a look at the pages on this website. They will show you how you can contact us and how your voice can be heard.