Why An Alliance?

Who speaks for the one community of elected officials who knows the most about the schools in the State Of Vermont?

The National Association of School Boards In other states a broader constiuencalthough some members of the The Alliance of School Board members is a new organization being developed to ensure that the voices of all Vermont School Board members are heard on matters affecting the state’s public schools and the communities that support them and entrust them with their children.

State educational policy makers have missed the contributions that voice can provide. The result has been a series of unecessary and ill-informed controversies that board  members are all too familiar with.  Meanwhile Board members see their contributions to devalued, their viewpoints ignored, and their needs unmet, and their basic competency questioned.  

While other public and private organizations may assist Vermont school systems in a variety of ways, they also have other, sometimes conflicting priorities and agendas. They are not focused on and cannot speak for individual school boards or board members. Together, we  must take on that task.